Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prelude To A Scream - Episode 12

Episode 12 of Prelude To A Scream features "The Shadow Men" written by Mark Leslie and originally published in the anthology Northern Haunts (edited by Tim Deal) in February 2009.

Northern Haunts is a collection of 100 short terrifying tales meant to be read around the campfire. "The Shadow Men" was written specifically as a tale that could be told around the campfire as if it was a personal experience of the narrator, and draws on using the sights, sounds and smells likely to surround the listener's experience.

This podcast contains the full story as well as Mark discussing the inspiration for the tale, which include working at Fox Lake Lodge in Northern Ontario as a teenager and listening to stories around the campfire from the lodge owner who was a masterful storyteller. Mark also talks about J. P. Couvrette, a buddy he worked with at the lodge who told funny stories as well as some great creepy ghost stories, one of which, involving the haunting call of a loon. J.P.'s loon tale kept Mark up all night, still haunts him more than 20 years later and inspired both this story as well as a short scene from "Erratic Cycles" another of his tales.


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