Monday, June 01, 2009

Prelude To A Scream - Episode 05

After long last I've finally returned to posting a new episode. I kept putting off putting up a new one partially because things have been crazy busy, but mostly because I was trying so darned hard to get it right. I eventually realized that recording and re-recording wasn't going to solve the problem. But getting off my butt, recording then releasing without worrying about every single little audio hiccup and "uh" that I mutter would likely resolve things.

So, unpolished, recorded quickly this morning, then uploaded shortly after, here is Episode Five of Prelude to a Scream.

This episode features my short story "That Old Silk Hat They Found" which was originally published in Strange Wonderland Issue #1 (March 1997) along with commentary about the writing of the story.

Links to things I mention in the podcast.

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